In this second adventure through the works of acclaimed director Christopher Nolan, Ali & Cev talk about comic book heroes, Nordic & Neo-Noir and more mindbending insights than you can shake a wibbly stick at.

For the sake of you, the listener/ Guffian and their own sanity, the duo have invited some good friends and fellow Nolan fans along to help make sense of it all.

Contents and Timestamps

The Dark Knight Trilogy 0:00 – 1:13.47
Nolanisms 1:13.47 – 1:34.58
Insomnia 1:34.59 – 2:05.42
Memento 2:05.42 – 2:55.11
Following 2:55.12 – 3:25.52
Epilogue 3:25.52 – 3:29.44

Edit & Music By Cevin Moore

Guest of this episode:

Smokey: @galahadlad
Thomas Austin Morgan: @tomaustinmorgan & @BannedBiogs
Chris Mohan: @7oclockshadow

“When it comes to method acting, you can go f**k yourself!”