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  • Episode 131 – “Stakes On A Plane” (Blood Red Sky)
    Cev & Ali are discussing BLOOD RED SKY (2021), a German Horror/ Action/ Thriller released exclusively on Netflix that contains an obscene amount of aircraft inaccuracies. Tune in for some unexpected enlightenment… Edited By Cevin Moore Music:…
  • Episode 130 – “Going Down…” (The Descent)
    Ali & Cev are reminded why they’re a pair of lock-ins that consider the Nintendo Switch to be a dangerous sport when they discuss THE DESCENT (2005). Edited By Cevin Moore Music: “Asteroid (The Horror!) ” by Peter & Cevin Moore Contact:…
  • Episode 129 – “The Unlucky 13” (Thir13en Ghosts)
    Ali & Cev work out the logistics of living in a glass house. It doesn’t stop either of them throwing any stones… Edited By Cevin Moore Music: “Asteroid (The Horror!) ” by Peter & Cevin Moore Contact: @FilmGuff www.filmguff.com “Don’t…
  • Episode 128 – “Helen Back” (Candyman)
    It’s all spooky happenings down at the projects where Cev questions Ali about his thoughts on CANDYMAN (1992). This is a fleeting visit, so some aspects weren’t covered like “why bees?” and “why is Cev so terrified of Frozen?” Edited By Cevin…
  • Episode 127 – “Double Bill”
    Ali & Cev embark on their Horror odyssey (Hodyssey?) with baby steps as they look at the double Bill (Murray) of zombie comedies THE DEAD DON’T DIE (2019) & ZOMBIELAND (2009). *Results may vary Edited By Cevin Moore Music: “Asteroid (The…
  • Episode 126 – “Oktober Skarefest”
    Cev’s sneaky scheme to bing Ali over to the dark side seems to be coming to fruition, but will it work? Edited By Cevin Moore Music: “Asteroid (A Fragment)” by Peter & Cevin Moore Contact: @FilmGuff www.filmguff.com “It won’t end well”



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