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  • Episode 118 – Railsback’s Bottocks (Lifeforce)
    Steve Noble joins the not very dynamic duo to discuss the certified gem of movie cultdom that is “LIFEFORCE”. It’s probably worth about twelve quid of anyone’s money. Along the way there’s the usual insights, stuff and nonsense and Charles Dickens….
  • Episode 116 – “Flawless Victory?” (Mortal Kombat)
    Ali & Cev discuss po-faced pretentiousness, artifice and the art of fighting…
  • Episode 115 – “Patriot Acts” (Red State)
    After an insane weekend of Smokey causing the Film Guff Twitter to meltdown, Ali & Cev invite him back to help explain why… Edited By Cevin Moore Music: “Asteroid (A Fragment)” by Peter & Cevin Moore Contact: @FilmGuff @RatedHPod @Galahadlad…
  • Episode 114 – Rated Guff III: Coming To America
    Ali & Cev are joined by their good friends Ben and Smokey from the Rated H Podcast to discuss hair products, Interflora, musicals, rom-coms, dancing and snacks.
  • Episode 113 – “Sillynopsis”
    Whilst the next feature episode is blocking the edit dock like the wrong ship on the Suez, Ali & Cev sit back, shoot the shit, count the motherfuckers, catch up on what they’ve seen over the last week or so and play a game…
  • Episode 112 – “Ketchup V: The Final Frontier”
    In this very last ketchup episode, Ali & Cev discuss various streaming bits and bobbins, shopping baskets and Dobly. Edited By Cevin Moore Music: “Asteroid (A Fragment) by Peter & Cevin Moore Contact: @FilmGuff Filmguff.com Have you…



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