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  • Episode 139 – “Double O Heaven?” (No Time To Die)
    Ali & Cev have banged their heads together about NO TIME TO DIE – the most anticipated film of 2018. In this fairly short episode, the duo discuss the Daniel Craig David legacy, how long Felix has been around and moody teenage singing. Edited By…
  • Episode 138 – “Xmas With Gizmo & The Gang” (Gremlins)
    The festive season’s upon us. Ali & Cev get together to talk about a slab of cheer that’s darker than an overcooked nut roast – Gremlins. To keep things short and sweet and avoid passing out mid-record, the duo have avoided the usual run through in…
  • Episode 137 – “Scream”
    Burnt out from a month of nightmares, Ali & Cev have finally let the dust settle enough to return to the October Skarefest in December and the film that Ali has wanted to talk about for quite a while and it isn’t The Golden Girls… The link…
  • Episode 136 – “Draculast”
    It’s All Hallow’s Eve, so in the final October Skarefest series of mini episodes, Ali & Cev discuss Annie Lennox, Dick Van Dyke and Star Wars. And Dracula. Twice. Edited By Cevin Moore Music: “Asteroid (The Horror!) ” by Peter & Cevin Moore…
  • Episode 135 – “There Be Dragons…” (After Midnight)
    Last year, Cev picked up the Arrow Blu Ray of AFTER MIDNIGHT. He didn’t know what it was about and it sat on his shelf untouched until the good friend of Film Guff, Chris Mohan, told him to watch it. Ever since then, Cev has been telling all and…
  • Episode 134 – “Spacefam” (Xtro)
    XTRO, a little Brit Sci-Fi/ Horror movie from 1982 has kept academics arguing about whether it’s a piece of art, trash, highly complex or stupid as mud. One thing’s for sure, Ali & Cev are here for the space monsters, boobs and blood. Anything else…



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