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  • Episode 155 – FILM 4
    Ali & Cev have a quick dip into the wild catalogue of Film 4, the British production company as it celebrates its 41st birthday. it would’ve been 40th, but they’re very slow with these things… Edit & Music By Cevin Moore Contact:…
  • Episode 154 – The 2022 Retrospective
    There’s fashionably late and then there’s Film Guff. Ali & Cev got on the mics around the beginning of 2023 to have a look back at the previous 12 months. Little did they know that the recording would be cursed. Two Macbooks, a microphone, a…
  • Episode 153 – Dungeon and Dragons
    Ali is back with a new episode after been down to the capital to watch a preview of the new Dungeons and Dragons movie. Listen to a spoiler free and spoiler section along with a giveaway. Thanks to eOne to inviting us down. Edited Ali Cornwall…
  • Shelf Challenge Update
    As I sit here on the first day of February putting the second disc of Cleopatra back in the case, I’m now… Read more: Shelf Challenge Update
    In this second adventure through the works of acclaimed director Christopher Nolan, Ali & Cev talk about comic book heroes, Nordic & Neo-Noir and more mindbending insights than you can shake a wibbly stick at. For the sake of you, the…
  • New Year’s Resolutions…
    I have a deep-seated aversion to New Year’s Resolutions because they’re either telling me to stop doing something I love – which… Read more: New Year’s Resolutions…



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