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  • Episode 146 – “The Batmen”
    Hot on the heels of their Top Gun episode, Ali & Cev become a hot sweaty mess talking about The Batman (again). With it finally on general home release, the less than dynamic duo take a bit more of a dig into the key characters and aspects of the 2022…
  • Episode 145 – “Top Guff”
    **SPOILER WARNNG** After a prolonged and painful wait, Ali & Cev have finally been able to crack out the Raybans, don the leather jackets and get their teeth into TOP GUN (1986) with their good friend and Scottish Sun scribe, Stuart Cullen….
  • Episode 144 – “TV Guff”
    In keeping with the usual Film Guff MO, this episode was recorded so long ago that most of the TV shows discussed herein have now been cancelled and all the respective cast and crews murdered in ever increasingly inventive ways. There’s a reason…
  • Episode 143 – “The Spice Is Right!” (Dune)
    Cev & Ali are getting their epic space opera groove on in this episode along with great friend of the podcast, Dr. Matthew Holt and it’s nothing to do with George Lucas… Along the way the discussion of a devisive David Lynch film is bound to hit…
  • Episode 142 – Shorts: “Do The Patman” (The Batman)
    Ali & Cev accidentally went to see the same film on the same day. That in itself is quite something. The fact that they agree on it is nothing short of a miracle! Edited By Cevin Moore Contact: @FilmGuff www.filmguff.com The…
  • Episode 141 – “A Denouncement…”
    The Guff Effect – the reason we don’t like planning… Edited By Cevin Moore Music: “Asteroid (A Fragment) ” by Peter & Cevin Moore Contact: @FilmGuff www.filmguff.com



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