EPISODE 100 – “Go Ninja Guinness!” (TMNT2)

Ali, Cev and Nick have finally made it to 100 episodes. The chaps naturally look backwards to what’s gone before whilst looking forward to what they have coming AND looking at some turtles too. How cross-eyed can you get?

Adding to the celebrations and confusion, one man podcast network Scottye Moore joins the gang on his way to making a new world record to talk about pizza.

What lessons have been learned here:

  • Ali misses going to the cinema, Cev Doesn’t
  • Top Gunnage is thing.
  • World record breaking isn’t easy.
  • Vanilla Ice: Cool AS Ice is on Amazon Prime.
  • The Foot Clan are damage control.
  • All the guys agree on a movie. For once.
  • Shredder stinks.
  • Power Rangers totally suck balls.
  • Casper the pissed off ghost needs to be a thing.

You can follow Scott @scottyemo and his website where you can find the stupid amount of podcasts he is on right here.

Edited by Cevin Moore
Music “Asteroid (A Corruption)” by Peter & Cevin Moore

“Hello future people”

If you want to buy the TMNT2 you buy it using the link below, it doesn’t cost you any extra but helps the podcast out.