Episode 80 – “Drop Dead! (Gorgeous)”

In this episode, freelance film writer Nate Roscoe @nutellanate brings one of his favourite hidden gems of his to Film Guff: DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. This feeds the ongoing unhealthy obsession Cev, Ali & Nick have with the movies from the year 1999.

This episode includes:
“Ed Gein’s sexy nipple belt”
“80 jars of hazelnut spread”
“The film version of Grinder”
“Brittany Murphy Fan-club meet up”
“Cev goes deeper Cev”
“The new Rocky film?”
“Trans-Atlantic murder threat”

Follow Nate @nutellanate and his website https://trashtotarkovsky.com/

Edited by Cevin Moore
Music: “Asteroid (A Diversion)” By Peter & Cevin Moore

“I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy”