July Episode Release Round Up

We were very busy in July releasing 9 (that’s right 9) episodes in a month and hitting a personal all time download total. We though it would be nice to give you one post where you can see all the episodes that we have released so you can check out any episodes that may have passed you by.

Episode 52: Film Guff Episode 52 – Shorts: “Ready, Steady, Göteborg!”

This is a Guff short where Cev is talking all about Videoman.

Episode 53: Game Of Guffs

In this episode the whole team got together and picked out 2 of the actors from Game Of Thrones to discuss our favourite movies they have been in so you can continue to enjoy these fine actors in other roles.

Episode 54: A-Ha Want Their Film Back

Another Guff Short which see Nick and Cev discussing a little gem called Zoom.

Episode 55: A Very Blue Movie

In this episode the Film Guff crew are joined by Gary Bailey from God Is a Geek to discuss another lottery funded movie Welcome To The Punch.

Episode 56: Surprise Mutha…

A very random Guff Short with Ali & Cev where they talk about another Arrow Video gem called Mega Time Squad which was recently released by the label.

Episode 57: Patman

We are on a roll with our Guff Shorts, in this episode Nick is talking about a film called The Rover after hearing about Robert Pattinson playing Batman he felt the need to educate fellow movie fans on his other work outside of Twilight.

Episode 58: Before Yesterday

There have been a lot of films out recently but there are some older films which touch on similar themes but might hit a better note with audiences. In this short Cev talked about Across The Universe.

Episode 59: Kon-Kee -Stador

We hate to blow our own trumpet but we think this is the best episode we have done and we had so much fun recording it. On this episode we were joined by composer Mark Wind to discuss his hidden gen The Fountain.

Episode 60: Phase IV

The last episode of the month was our round up of all the Marvel phase 4 announcements, in this episode we are discussing all of our thoughts on the coming titles, what we have heard and where we think the universe might be going. Disney + anyone?