Episode 59 – “Kon-Kee-Stador!” (The Fountain)

Listen as Ali, Nick and Cev join film composer Mark Wind to discuss the cerebral art movie, THE FOUNTAIN, only to discover their shortcomings with Spanish history and talk about their phones instead.
The mixed results include:
“They physically blew up a star?”
“If it’s on the internet, it’s true”
“Somebody figuratively falling to their death”
“It’s a film about the fear of marriage.”
“We may have had a drink…”
“I have a Sony”
“I need adults”
“Jameson’s for the win” 
“He wasn’t angry, he was just confused”

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Edited by Cevin Moore
Music “Asteroid (A Corruption) by Peter & Cevin Moore 

“Musketeers, Man, Space Monkey”