Song First, Movie Second.

You may have seen on social media that we are recording an episode this coming Monday (15th April) and we want you to send us songs that feature in your favourite films that remind you of the film and/or a certain scene in the movie where you know exactly what it happening when hearing the song and you can play it out in my your mind.

Sound simple? Well social media has taught us a big lesson this week. Despite putting out a clear message about the rules for not only our lists but your lists too it wasn’t good enough so we’re writing this post to clarify the rules and lay it out for you all.


1 – We don’t want whole soundtracks. This is just cheating so you can’t have the American Pie soundtrack, although it might fit certain criteria we want you to give us a list of songs from different films and what they mean to you. If you can tell us the scene even better.

2 – We don’t want scores. Although these are great and really make a film it’s not what these lists are about.

3 – It has to be a released independently of the film. There are so many great (and not so great) songs that have been recorded especially or the film. Songs such as Men In Black, Wild Wild West or all the songs from Highlander, The Greatest Showman or Moulin Rouge and don’t even think about Disney films…

To help you along your way here are a couple of lists to help you along your way to creating your own.

An example of a list that works:

1 “New Girl” – Third Eye Blind: From American Pie (opening scene. Always reminds me of the whole American Pie series although only on the first film)

2 “Shoop” – Salt-N-Pepa From Deadpool (great scene where he’s listening to this song while sitting on the bridge waiting for Francis)

3 “You Can Never Tell” – Chuck Berry: Pulp Fiction (the famous Jack Rabbit Slims dance)

4 “Mindfields” – Prodigy: Matrix (club scene towards to the start of the film, quality song)

6. “Lust For Life” – Iggy Pop:Trainspotting (opening scene with the ‘choose life’ speech)

An example of a list that doesn’t work

1 “Men In Black” – Will Smith: Men In Black (doesn’t work because it was recorded for the film

2 “Mona Lisa Overdrive” – Juno Reactor (doesn’t work because it’s the movies score)

3 “The Greatest Show” – Hugh Jackman: The Greatest Showman (this is again written for the musical)

4. “Happy” – Pharrell Williams (doesn’t work, specially written)

5. Any Bond Movie song

If you are struggling to find a song that is in a film there is an amazing website we recommend you try out called this website not only tells you the songs that are featured in the film but also the timestamp plus roughly what’s happening in the scene. The website is community driven so if your film isn’t there consider helping out.

Don’t forget to send us your lists either via social media, on our website by filling out the contact us form or email us at