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Episode 21 – “Forget About It…” (Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind)

In this episode, Nick & Cev are joined by Richard Simpson from The We’re Not Wizards Tabletop and Board Games Podcast and on his first podcast ever: Ali Cornwall…

As it’s the guests pick, Richard’s chosen the Charlie Kaufman/Michel Gondry movie ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND from 2004.

The usual hijinks ensue as the crew happen across a million dollar idea, dream of being Tom Hardy and the heady concepts of Mel Gibson electrocuted being a bit girlie along with Hancock being the best MCU movie ever…

Listen to the podcast here:

For all films discussed in this epiosde check out out list on Letterboxd here

Edited By Cevin Moore

Music: “Asteroid (A Corruption)” By Peter & Cevin Moore

And remember: don’t let Elijah Wood near your underwear drawer…