Episode 104 – “Danny, Dire?” (Severance)

NIck, Ali & Cev go on a team building exercise by watching Severance (2006) to learn stuff like:

A paint gun can make your eye pop like a ping pong ball.
Not all women are scared of spiders.
The human head stays alive for up to a minute after being removed from the body.
A pie doesn’t always take an hour to bake.
The easiest way to pick up a woman is a few Bacardi Breezers and Seabiscuit.
An inch isn’t necessarily a mile on a map.

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Music: “Asteroid (Spooky Mix)” by Peter & Cevin Moore
Edited By Cevin Moore

“I was about to have a piss when I spot a geezer with a balaclava and a suitcase, no, more like a travel bag…”