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  • Episode 114 – Rated Guff III: Coming To America
    Ali & Cev are joined by their good friends Ben and Smokey from the Rated H Podcast to discuss hair products, Interflora, musicals, rom-coms, dancing and snacks.
  • Episode 113 – “Sillynopsis”
    Whilst the next feature episode is blocking the edit dock like the wrong ship on the Suez, Ali & Cev sit back, shoot the shit, count the motherfuckers, catch up on what they’ve seen over the last week or so and play a game…
  • Episode 112 – “Ketchup V: The Final Frontier”
    In this very last ketchup episode, Ali & Cev discuss various streaming bits and bobbins, shopping baskets and Dobly. Edited By Cevin Moore Music: “Asteroid (A Fragment) by Peter & Cevin Moore Contact: @FilmGuff Filmguff.com Have you…
  • Episode 111 – Shorts: Tom & Jerry: The Movie (2021)
    Nick’s joined by budding Tom & Jerry expert Steven to discuss the return of one of cinema’s all time greatest double acts… Edited By Cevin Moore Contact: @FilmGuff Filmguff.com
  • Mortal Kombat (2021) Trailer
    Wait, what? A new Mortal Kombat film? What is this, the 90’s?
  • Episode 110 – Twenty Twenty Benty?
    Always fashionably late to any party, Ali, Cev & Nick are here with their ten favourites of 2020 and as usual, it’s as mad as a bag of gypsies. Why these idiots talk to each other at all still remains a mystery. Apologies have been noted for this…



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