Episode 93 – “Threequels”

Ali, Cev & Nick are joined (almost contractually) by film critic, podcaster and legend in his own lunchtime Anthony Ray Bench. This time the gang tackle the thorny issue of the sequels.

Things they’ve taken away from this:

  • Directors cuts that are better than the theatrical.
  • The Luck Evan’s Valentine’s card range.
  • There can be more than one.
  • Cev agrees with Nick so much, he begins to doubt his own sanity.
  • Having kids is never a good thing.
  • Willem Dafoe’s got a huge talent.

Oh my god he’s back again. Who left the door open? Anthony can be followed @thisgamecheats and also featured on @FilmThreat and @SoFastSoFurious

Edited by Cevin Moore
Music “Asteroid (A Fragment)” By Peter & Cevin Moore

“Still waiting STILL sucks!”