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Join your hosts Ali, Cev, and Nick on a hunt through bargain basements for the old forgotten favourites of film.

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  • Mortal Kombat (2021) Trailer
    Wait, what? A new Mortal Kombat film? What is this, the 90’s?
  • Episode 110 – Twenty Twenty Benty?
    Always fashionably late to any party, Ali, Cev & Nick are here with their ten favourites of 2020 and as usual, it’s as mad as a bag of gypsies. Why these idiots talk to each other at all still remains a mystery. Apologies have been noted for this…
  • Episode 109 – “Do we need more mutants?” (New Mutants)
    This episode sees Nick and Ali joined by Kyle from This Is Rad podcast to talk about New Mutants. The film took far too long to be released and about as long to edit but we got there #Guffians. WARNING – This episode has plenty of tangents. For…
  • Episode 108 – Film Guff’s Christmas Vacation
    It’s the time of year when everyone gets worked up about getting hold of a farm birds carcass. Ali brings enough cheer for himself, Cev and Nick as they dive into the entire drinks cabinet, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and a tub of sick….
  • Episode 107 – “Mi Scusi” (Eurotrip)
    This episode sees the guys joined by film director and podcaster Anthony Desiato to talk about comics and Club Vandersexxx. They end up discovering that Ali has no idea what geography is, Nick is a very special boy, Cev has a weird thing for Burt…
  • Episode 106 – “Holy Capers!” (Batman)
    Holy capers Batman, the Film Guff crew have done an episode all about Batman. *Blam* They really seem to like most things the caped crusader has done. *wollop* The Film Guff crew talk about everything from skin-tight costumes, to Bat…



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