Guesting On Film Guff

Thank you for agreeing to record with Film Guff. We may record differently to other podcasts you have been on and this guide will walk you through how to record with us so there are no surprises on the night.

We record locally, this means everyone on the call records their own audio on their own machine. We do save the call recording as a backup (when it works) however this is as a backup because it doesn’t always work and the quality isn’t always the best.

How to record locally?

First of all, you need a microphone and we presume you have a headset of some kind to allow you to record audio. For the mic itself please have this position roughly 2 inches away from your mouth and away from any facial hair. You don’t have to have the microphone close to your mouth, it’s easier to boost the audio volume than it is to reduce it 🙂