Episode 151 – NOLAN

Any regular Guffians will know of Ali & Cev’s undying love for the films of Christopher Nolan and a pub that’s open for 67 hours. They’ve been wanting to do a feature the Director’s work since the very beginning of Film Guff (it would have been easier back then because he’d released less).

For the sake of you, the listener/ Guffian and their own sanity, the duo have invited some good friends and fellow Nolan fans along to help make sense of it all. Please see below the episode for timestamps to your favourite movies.




0:00.00 – Intro & Bio
0:04.44 – TENET (2020)
1:02.59 – The Sound Of Nolan
1:07.30 – DUNKIRK (2017)
1:24.18 – The Nolan Family Tree
1:30.39 – INTERSTELLAR (2014)
2:00.36 – INCEPTION (2010)
2:44.55 – THE PRESTIGE (2006)
3:33.07 – Epilogue

With coverage of a further 6 films to follow soon…

Edit & Music By Cevin Moore

Dr. Matthew Holt @CodecMoments
Dr. Michael Boyce @mwboyce
Andy Brown @clinicalandy

For more info. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVWTQcZbLgY

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