Film Of The Year 10 – 6 (2017)

  1. The Founder (2017) (Studio Canal Blu Ray)

Who would have thought that a movie about the starting of McDonald’s would have been good, but by God it is. It’s an interesting film about how McDonalds almost didn’t become what it is today.

I watched this on a flight to Florida and I enjoyed it so much that when a hurricane hit I noticed it was on Amazon so during the curfew I watched it again with my wife and we both enjoyed it.

A great performance from Michael Keaton as always.

  1. Mr Brooks (2007) (MGM DVD)

There isn’t much more I can say about this film that we didn’t cover in the episode. Cev introduced me to this for that episode and one of the reasons we started this podcast was so we could introduce each other to films such as this and I’m so glad that he did.

How did I miss this gem?

The film has so many angles and the ending is great too. You can see where it has taken its inspiration and where other films have taken inspiration from it.

  1. Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) (Sony Pictures Blu Ray)

I wish this film could be higher in in my list, but this year has just been a great year for movies and not just from this year. I am still a lover of the superhero genre, however I’m not blind to the amount of films that come out and their shortfalls.


For me Spider-man has always had the potential to be a great character however Sony just never utilised the great asset they had. I have already discussed with Nick on the Heroes & Villains episode how much I didn’t care for Toby ‘made of wood’ Maguire and I preferred the Andrew Garfield, but the writing wasn’t there for these films, however Gwen DAMNNNN!

Now that Marvel/Disney have control of this asset again they’ve shown what todo with it and by god have they improved this franchise! The film flows great and follows on from his appearance in Civil War, where he did a great job. Don’t get me wrong, the film isn’t without a few faults, the fact that Spider-Man’s suit is like Iron Man’s isn’t needed, but it does add some comedy. They did get the mentality on point with Spider-Man as he is meant to be a younger kid still at school etc, plus Aunt May is HOTTT!!!

I’m looking forward to seeing more and I just hope that now Disney own 20th Century Fox they can do the same with X-Men and Fantastic 4, however the X-Men films aren’t too bad I just wish this happened 2 or 4 years ago before Hugh Jackman hung up his claws, but I am still holding out hope for him to appear somewhere.

  1. War For The Planet Of The Apes (2017) (20th Century Fox Blu Ray)

What a film! To be fair, this should be higher up on my list, but I think a rewatch is needed for me to talk it in, sometimes watching it in the cinema requires a few viewings or a home cinema watch. From the offset I should say this isn’t for the weak hearted or for anyone who has strong emotions for animals dying regardless of whether it’s CGI or not because a LOT of apes are killed in this film.

If you take the apes out of this film, it’s a classic war film with bits of The Great Escape in it too. The film flows great, the motion capturing by Andy Serkis is fantastic and amazes me every time I see something new he’s done.

Can someone tell me why he hasn’t had an award for this please? Woody Harrerlson’s performance too. It’s great these days to see these actors coming back and killing it.

  1. Wonder Woman (2017) (Warner Brothers Blu Ray)

Another film I love and if it wasn’t for such an awesome year for films it would be higher up on my list however competition is tough and something will always top another thing. The film works really well and I really, really enjoy it. It’s the best release that DC have put out in 2017 and since the Dark Knight trilogy.

Who knows how long it will be until this has been beaten…

Anyway you can more about this on the Heroes and Villains episode were I discuss all the 2017 comic book films with Nick.